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Really useful mobile apps

Video Rotate (Android & iOS)

Video Rotate solves the problem of the phone incorrectly detecting (or recording) orientation when shooting video and allows you to correctly rotate video. Video Rotate is compatible with most MPEG-4 (.MOV, .MP4 & .3GP) format files.

The iOS version of Video Rotate features both fast and slow mode rotation - fast mode modifies the metadata of the video, this works well for all Apple video players (Quicktime etc.) but may not work on Windows basedp players. Slow mode decodes, rotates and re-encodes the video frame by frame. The Android version currently only supports fast mode rotation.

Dock Clock Plus (Android)

Dock Clock Plus is a complete re-development of the Dock Clock concept with a raft of new features and a new swipe-able interface. Dock Clock Plus is an 'always on' desk or night clock which is activated automatically when you connect your device to a charger or dock. During the day Dock Clock Plus is in an invaluable desk clock with at-glance count information, at night Dock Clock Plus transforms into a low-light night clock.

Video Rotate Free (iOS)

Video Rotate Free has all the functionality of Video Rotate but is limited to five seconds in 'slow mode'.

Dock Clock Free (Android)

Dock Clock is a free light-weight desk/night clock to launch when docked or power connected. For night usage (its primary design goal) you customize screen brightness and ringer options including 'soft ring'. Dock Clock is optimized for AMOLED screens and fully supports Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0).